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Display Number Dialed and Regular CID Info


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Hello. We have multiple phone numbers, one for each ecommerce site. I am wondering how to have the phone number that the customer called along with his name and number show in the display of my 760. We are using firmware version and Vodia PBX version 5.2.4a.


How it works now is we see the caller's name and number, but not the number that the caller called. However, on my remote phone (WAN, 760), I see callee at the bottom. I want the ones on the LAN to display this too. As far as I know, there are no settings differences. Except I have a second direct phone number assigned to the remote extension. In the software, it has 'account number - 104 484xxxxxxx'. None of the ones on the LAN have a dedicated number.


We are using an agent group that has all the extensions listed. When a call comes in, all extensions ring. An available consultant will answer.





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Thanks for the reply. That now displays the agen group's display name on the phone as well. I assume I would need to license additional agent groups and change the display name to reflect the number/site dialed. If so, how do I have each agent group pickup for specific phone numbers? For the direct external line to my extension, I added the number right after my extension number in the account number field. Would I do the same for the agent group?

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1. If you want to add on more agent groups you can get them here.



2. How do I have each agent group pickup for specific phone numbers?

After you have additional agents you can simply and have assign which extension you want to be part of the group, you'll need to assign a DID "Phone number" to the account


Example 822 9783998765

The 978 number would be the number dialed which will terminate at the account 822

however you'll need to set up the trunk to look at the Request URI under the "Send call" setting so the PBX can match it correctly. if you haven't already.



and Yes you'll have to do it for all the domains.


Best regards

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