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I browsed the forum to see if there is a section for auto-provisioning but I do not see it so posting here. We are using PBX 5.1.2 version (long story why) and I am trying to provision a batch of SNOM 715 phones along with a batch of SNOM 720 phone. I customized that customer's specific domain with snom_720_phone.xml template and snom_710_phone.xml templates which came with the PBX. I was once informed that 710 and 715 are basically the same. 715 models came preloaded with firmware while 720 came with Provisioning for 720 went with no trouble. 715 behave like they do not know where to look for configuration. I have two questions:


1. Are there any 715 specific templates which we can use?

2. Why can't we use 710 teamplate?


I would appreciate a timely answer since we need to deliver the phones to the customer in the next few days. Thank you, Dusan

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I think I have answered my own question. I noticed that 715 does not save the URL where it supposed to look for config. It adds the line:


prov/snom715-{mac}.htm after the URL. I tried three different browser with the same result. I cleared the cache on each, reset the phone to factory defaults retyped the url for auto provisioning only to came back after the reboot and that line is there. I guess I will contact SNOM for this since it appears to be their problem.



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