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Caller ID issue


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Hi Friends,


Am running vodia server without any issues still last 1 year, but now I want to change one of my settings which is related to caller ID. Currently am configuring my outbound ANI with my country code. And when I make a outbound call within my country or overseas the caller Id shows with this country code. Now I want to shimmy outbound caller id without country code if my outbound call within my country limit and also shows caller id with country code if I make a outbound call to overseas. How can I configure this? My trunk configuration details given below



Name: name

Type: SIP Gateway

Direction: Only Outbound

State: enabled

Global: Yes

Is Secure: No

Inter-Office Trunk

Trunk may terminate calls for remote systems: No

Dial plan for outbound calls: Domain default


Display Name:




Password: password

Password (repeat): password

Proxy Address: IP address

Explicitly list addresses for inbound traffic:


Destination for incoming calls: Send call to destination in the Request-URI

Source for Caller-ID information: p-prefferd-Identity

Failover Behavior: No failover

Accept Redirect: No

Don't accept SIP routing changes in dialog: No

Error message when all lines are busy: 500 line unavailable

Redirect destination when all lines are busy:


Number/Call Identification


Trunk ANI:

SIP Caller-ID Presentation: Custom Headers

Header Value

Request-URI: Let the System Decide

From: Based on incoming call

To: Same as Request URI

P-Asserted-Identity: Don't use header

P-Preferred-Identity: Don't use header

Remote-Party-ID: Don't use header

Privacy Indication: RFC3325

Rewrite global numbers: Check Domain country Code

P-Charging-Vector: Don't use header

Diversion Header: Don't send diversion header

Indicate RTCP-XR support: No

Generate unique extension identifier: No

Interpret SIP URI always as telephone number: Yes

Caller ID update on trunk:

Customer specific header (Example: X-Vodia-Abc: my header):


Override Codec Preference:



Lock codec during conversation: Yes

Generate PCAP traces for calls: No

Strict RTP Routing: No

Port Range Start:

Port Range End:

Trunk requires out of band-DTMF tones: No

Requires busy tone detection: No

PRACK support: Yes

Ringback(Support early media): Media

Force local ringback: No



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