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Fax to email issue


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Hi, i have setup an extension with a DDI, it has 'mail enabled' set to 'FAX' also under email it 'send message as attachment to email'


when i call it, it is quiet with no ringtone or anything and then gives a busy tone, if you set it to just a voice mailbox it works fine.. but as a FAX nothing happened and sending faxes to do it do nothing? what am i doing wrong?!?!

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Hi, You'll need to send a fax transmission to the extension in order for the PBX to play the FAX tone otherwise nothing will happen.


If you would like to test the fax feature you can go to faxzero.com and send 1 free fax to your PBX. Make sure you're provider supports FAX t38.


Lastly make sure your email is setup correctly and that you can actually receive email from the PBX.

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