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Hi all,


I have a cloud based SnomOne (PBX V5) server version 5.2.3 (CentOS64)and its running on CentOS operating system. its running with out any issue since last two years. I had configured multiple domains for easily management also set admin password for these domain. Let me know can i login as a domain admin on my server ? for example i have a domain name ABC and i want to login ad a ABC admin for maintain this domain only. Is it possible how can i ?

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The easiest is to use the domain name in the browser when navigating to the PBX, for example if your domain name if domain1.yourhostedpbxservice.com then you would enter http://domain1.yourhostedpbxservice.com. Then you can just log in with the admin username and the password. Using DNS names also has the advantage that your clients really get the feeling that they have their "own" PBX service running there without really being aware of the fact that they are sharing the service with other tenants.


Otherwise you would have to log in with the admin name @ the domain name, for example admin@domain1.yourhostedpbxservice.com as the username and the password.

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