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Call to another domain extension


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Hi all,


Am running my Vodia PBX server with 3 domains and created multiple extensions under these domains. Let me know can i call from one domains extension to another domain extension ?


for example extension 12 under pbx.companya.com want to make call to extension 121 under pbx.companyb.com


please help me

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Well, the domains are well "sandboxed" from each other. You need to give them numbers that look like phone numbers, even if they cannot be reached from the PSTN. One way is to route them to an external SIP proxy that performs the routing; this method will work well if you scale your system up beyond one server. If you stay on one server there is the option "try loopback" in the dial plan, where the PBX will try to call another domain if the number exists there.

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