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TAPI Service Provider with Outlook 2013


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- Vodia Tapi Service Provider v2.04 64 bit

- Outlook 2013 (Office 365 - I don't use Lync)

- Windows 8.1 64 bit


When I use the Windows Dialer I can make calls without issues. But when I use Outlook only the first call is successful. After the call has ended Outlook still "thinks" that the call is in progress:




Κατάσταση: κλήση ... means Status: call ...


Λήξη κλήσης means End Call


If I choose to End the Call the Status changes to Terminating Call ... but nothing happens. I have to restart Outlook to be able to make a new call.


I tried to provide you with the logfile by editing the registry but regardless the save location I choose, the logfile isn't created (it goes without saying that I have admin rights to the computer).


As for the option Auto Originate Outbound Calls in the TAPI Service Provider seems to not work. Whether I select it or not the call starts automatically (I use a yealink phone).


Apart from the above, have you ever used some other program that works with the PBX? I need to suggest something to a prospect so I either have to make the TAPI Service provider to work or to suggest something else. I tried teletrigger but this is buggy too. I would appreciate any other suggestion, free or paid.






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Yes, unfortunately debugging TAPI is not so easy. You cannot imagine how many times we had to reboot the system to get the TSP working... That is probably also necessary in order to get the logging going.


When you install office 365 and/or Lync, you have to change the registry in order to use TAPI (see http://www.vodia.com/documentation/tsp at the bottom); I assume you have already done that. Hopefully we can get a log, then we can hopefully get a clue what the problem is.

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