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PBX in a virtual enironment


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I'm planning to move our pbx to a virual environment, in this momento we don't know if it'll be vmware or scale, and I have a question about best practices.

I read a blog article asserting that if I install the pbx on a VM I have to do it dedicating a phisical processor to that vm only.

Is it still the offficial best practice for virtual enironments, or are there vm environments/configurations/products (i.e. the linux one) that doesn't need to dedicate a phisical processor to the PBX?

I don't want to know if it simply "works", I need to know if it is officially supported by Vodia.




Roberto Arvigo


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We have many customers running the PBX in a virtual machine with good results. From the PBX side, there is not much you can do to make it a smooth user experience, the PBX software runs in the virtual sandbox. However it is important that on the VM layer, you make sure that there are enough CPU and memory resources reserved. For example, you need to make sure that the VM does not start swapping memory because this would have a severe impact on the media performance.


Maybe some other forum users have some more tips what it important when setting VM up with PBX on it.

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We are not big VM experts, that is the problem. This is a complex topic! I know it is possible to get it working very well, even fail-over with calls staying up; our support is to have a relatively small VM with only few updates, so that snapshots and quick fail-over becomes easy. My recommendation is to run one VM on one physical host; so you have the advantages of the virtual world and the safety of a physical hardware. But I am sure if you set it up the right way, you can also put other services on the same physical machine. (Putting more PBX on the same host does not make sense because one PBX instance can easily support many tenants anyway).

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