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Hello, I came seeking some help here since I can't find a solution myself. (Sorry in advance for my english.)


We have noticed an issue on call forwarding (blind and attented), when we use custom buttons and with multiple lines connected.

We are using "Busy Lamp Field (Monitor, speed dial and pickup)" buttons. (We also have tested others types of BLF but the issue is still the same).

The problem does not happen if we enter the extension number of the recipient instead of using the custom button or if there is only one line connected on the phone that's making the transfer.


Issue noticed on SNOM 760 and 720. Version

IPBX : 5.2.4d (Debian64)

Situation with a blind transfer (the same issue is noticed with attented transfer) :

Phone A receive 2 calls. Call 1 is put on hold and Call 2 is answered. Call 2 needs to be forwarded to an other party Phone B :

- Transfer button

- Custom BLF button (mapped to the extension number of the recipient phone B )


Instead of transferring the call, a third line is opened and calls the phone B. The 2 first line are on hold. If the tranfer button is dialed again Call 1 and Call 2 are put in communication and phone A loose the lines.


Seems like when the transfer button is dialed for the first time and when more than one line is active on the phone, it does'nt display the right menu. The phone displays that the call is on hold and there is a submenu that's proposing to enter in the dial menu.


Does anyone have an idea ?




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Hi, Elodie


The 2 step solution "Transfer button + BLF" is not so simple. The snom phone does not understand that it has to transfer on a button that it's programmed to monitors-pick-calls.


The only way to do is the old fashion way press the hold button, press the transfer button and the extension.

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