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Trunk Registration not working as expected


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Observing what could be considered a strange anomaly when making changes to the Outbound Proxy field on a SIP Registration trunk.


Created the trunk with account 5554443333 and defined the Outbound Proxy field to and saved. Trunk registered properly. Went back into the configuration and changed the Outbound Proxy field to making no other changes - saved and Ethereal shows the trunk registering to the original address instead of the new address.


Clicked on Register on the Trunk List screen to "force" the trunk to re-register and Ethereal again shows the trunk registering to the original address instead of the new address.


Looked into the trunk xml file and <reg_registrar></reg_registrar> is properly stored.


Stopped and restarted the service and the Trunk registered to


Also deleting the trunk and re-creating the trunk with the new registrar IP address allows it to register to the proper IP address.


It appears that after making IP changes for the Outbound Proxy, that the information is changed and stored properly in the trunk xml file but not in memory.


Is anyone else observing this?

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Very strange... Does it "heal" after some time??? The forcing of the re-register does not change the internal outbound proxy. But hitting the save button on the trunk should do, if something changes in one of the settings.



I have seen something simular, in the applainace also, and in this call center 25 i am trying to get going...when you create a trunk and if you delete it you need to stop and restart the service to make it go away...if you create a new trunk after deleting the first, then you have 2, one you cant see and the one you are trying to use... I had 8 trunks running in the background before I new what was going on and the phones started to feed back...the only way I could get them to dissappear was to delete everything and start over, I have also noticed to get changes in the trunk you are working with it is best to restart the service to make sure the change take place....ghosts in the machine... you know...


russell B)

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