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Adding CPU / RAM / SPACE / Other SNMP info


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The CS410 both black / white versions is a very promising device, but lacks some serious diagnoses tools. Creating OID's for system health related items would be a plus, may a Linux addin tool can be installed that will email or create a history of health, that might help isolate the many troubles that we and others are experiencing. 20 post installation support hours quickly erodes all profit. What more can we do as resellers help to isolate these troubles?

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SNMP: Well we could add the standard sensors that run on a PC. The box itself is just a plain Debian 3.1 computer, and it should be possible to get the standard SNMP stuff working as well.


CPU is a problem, there we are depending on the chip vendor.


RAM should not be a issue, 128 MB should be more than enough for a task like this.


Flash: Next batch will have 1 GB flash, should be also more than enough for most installations...


What we want to include is a DHCP server that provisions option 66, so that pratically all SIP phones can just plug and play.

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