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CDR EMAIL Date Problem


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I am running 2.1.7 and noticed that on some email clients, the date of the email appears to be almost 13 days in the future. Other email clients like outlook do not have this problem. I have figured out that the issue lies on the PBXnSIP machine. The date and time is set correctly, however the offset is set to -30000 This shifts the time 12.5 days! If the email client pays attention to this value, the email can show up way out of chroniligical order from the rest of the emails in the mailbox. I have checked the PBXnSIP server, and it's timezone settings within windows are set properly.

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I just read the RFC, and PBXnSIP clearly not compliant with the RFC on several levels. The RFC states:


"The zone specifies the offset from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC,

formerly referred to as "Greenwich Mean Time") that the date and

time-of-day represent. The "+" or "-" indicates whether the

time-of-day is ahead of (i.e., east of) or behind (i.e., west of)

Universal Time. The first two digits indicate the number of hours

difference from Universal Time, and the last two digits indicate the

number of minutes difference from Universal Time. (Hence, +hhmm

means +(hh * 60 + mm) minutes, and -hhmm means -(hh * 60 + mm)

minutes). The form "+0000" SHOULD be used to indicate a time zone at

Universal Time. Though "-0000" also indicates Universal Time, it is

used to indicate that the time was generated on a system that may be

in a local time zone other than Universal Time and therefore

indicates that the date-time contains no information about the local

time zone."


The first TWO digits indicate the hour offset, and the second TWO indicate the minute offset. The first violation is there is more than the total of 4 digits that are allowed by the RFC. The second problem is no time zone in the world is more that + or - 13 hours from UTC. I am in the central time zone which means that we are either -0500 or -0600 depending on Daylight savings time.

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