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I am posting to see when video might be available for Pbxnsip. Anyone with any info, please let me know.


The status is that video works if you first have a audio-only connection and then switch to video (with a Re-INVITE). It is all because of T.38, which is also kind of video (pretty static, though).

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Does the video portion of it use our bandwidth? Or is the video portion point-to-point / phone-to-phone direct?


All media is subject to the SBC functionality of the PBX, which is very useful if you want to send FAX from one device behind NAT to another device behind NAT. Maybe a video client can also be behind NAT. The good news for video is that the packets are large and the frequency is low, and the CPU has not so much to do shuffling the packets back and forth between the OS and the application.

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