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Can you please tell me what is the BHCC and BHCA values currently available in PBXnSIP? Our customer is using a dual core P4 server with 4 GB RAM.


That number fits into the switched telecom world. In IP world it is impossible to present a reliable number, as there are so many factors that influence this:

  • Is the UA using TLS?
  • What kind of challenge mechanism is used?
  • How many codecs are bring offered?
  • Is the mini-session border controller involved?
  • Does the Pc have hardware support for IP?
  • Is VPN being used for Internet traffic?
  • Is there UDP fragmentation?
  • What OS is being used?
  • How big are the routing tables?
  • How much cache memory does the CPU have?
  • And so on.

There is a page on the Wiki that touches the topic (http://wiki.pbxnsip.com/index.php/Hardware_Requirements), but you will not get a satisfactory answer. An I think looking at the above question, it is really not very serious guaranteeing a realistic number.


BTW there is a setting that limits the BHCA on UDP transport layer. This is just to protect the server against DoS.


It is a little bit like asking "How many pages can you print with Microsoft Word per second" - it also depends... ^_^

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