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PBXnSIP 2.0 ANI change


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Since upgrading our first site to PBXnSIP 2.0, we have noticed an undesirable change in the treatment of the calling party ANI. We need to see if there is a way to get it returned to the previous behavior.


In the 1.5 release, an Account that is in a Call Foreward state, would deliver the call to the Forwarded destination and present the originator's (from the first call leg) ANI.


In release 2.0, the same scenario, the call delivers the Account's DN, instead of the originator's ANI.


Documentation on Rel. 2.0 makes note of changes in this area to support forwarding calls to a mobile instrument, however it does not say how to get back to the original Release 1.5 behavior.


Please advise

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