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Caller ID Value Changed in Call Redirection


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We have been running version 1.X of PBXNSIP for some time and have been using Call Redirection to redirect support and trouble calls to our on-call engineer. The Caller ID received in these calls was always the ANI (Calling Number) of the original caller. This seems to be correct based on telephony standards. Clearly this is the way the local phone company handles call forwarded calls.


When we recently upgraded several systems to 2.1.4 we noticed a change in the Caller ID value being delivered. We now received the Dialed number (Called Number) being delivered to the engineer.


I have read all of the applicable release notes and searched the forums and cannot find any reference to a change or anyone else seeing this problem. Which is a little surprising.


Is there some parameter that we could have inadvertently changed or a setting that could be causing this change in operation?


Any help in this matter is appreciated.


Best Regards,



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Thanks for the excellent reply.


After we moved from Version 1.X of PBXNSIP to 2.1.4 for some reason the value in the Trunk statement for the P-Asserted field was set to none.


We tried several settings and found that setting the value to "Remote-Party-ID" matched the results of typical in most US carriers.


Additionally, we found another use for this as well. Since we forward our support phone to the on call engineer during off hours they had to answer every call with our branding. We set up a separate trunk group just for call to the support line and set that parameter to NONE. The engineer then can see the dialed number rather than the calling number in the display and knows to answer appropriately.


Thanks again for the help in this matter. It is fully resolved.



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