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  1. Dear Sir, We have developed a small service that is able to receive and extract the information contained into the midnight reports sent by SnomOne (both, CDR and ACD reports), with that information, the service creates CSV files and forwards them to the customer's e-mail. Please contact us in case you are interested and would you like to see a demonstration: slondono@vertical.com.co Thank you!
  2. Hi, We have a software called CallScout developed for PBXnSIP which I believe serves your needs. The link for the demo is: http://callscout.vertical.com.co/callscout DEMO OVERVIEW Demostration data corresponds to a fictitious company called Demo. This company is equipped with a Pbxnsip IP PBX, which has two domains defined: Demo Sales and Demo Research. Each domain receives and sends calls through a set of trunks. Demo Sales has two trunks, called Local and Global, while Demo Research has also two trunks, called PSTN and International. Demo Sales domain has three extension accounts: 2010, 2011 and 2012, and Demo Research comprehends the extension accounts: 2001, 2002 and 2003. ACD agents can login using any of these extensions, in order to catch calls received on Agent Groups. Both domains, Demo Sales and Demo Research, have an Agent Group defined, with account number 100. USERS The following demo users belong to each one of the existing roles and are available to access the application: Enterprise rol: Has access to all domains, trunks and extensions of the Demo enterprise. Login: demo-enterprise Password: demo Domain rol: Has access to all trunks and extensions defined for its assigned domain. For domain Demo Sales: For domain Demo Research: Login: demo-sales Login: demo-research Password: demo Password: demo Trunk rol: Has acces to calls coming into and from its assigned trunk. For trunk PSTN of domain Demo Research: Login: demo-research-pstn Password: demo Extension rol: Has access to calls made from and coming to its assigned extension only. For extension 2001: Login: demo-2001 Password: demo
  3. Greetings, We have Pbxnsip hosted on a Linux server. Calls come from a E1 line to the PBX through a Sangoma NetborderExpress card and are attended in a Agent Group with aprox. 5 agents logged in. The PBX had been running for 8 months with no problems, but this week calls stopped ringing to agents. We checked the logs and the ACD always reported that all agents had a connected call, even when all agent extensions where free and ready to receive calls. Customers calling the Agent Group heard onhold music until timed out, just like when all agents are busy. The problem was solved restarting the Pbx process. Any ideas about how this could have happened?? Thanks!
  4. Greetings, We have a CS410 appliance which restarts randomly once or twice each day. We tracked syslogs, but see no errors or locking reports before the system restarts, however, when the OS is booting, we received the following message on the syslog: WARNING : kernel: Bad eraseblock 7188 at 0x38280000 Could this be the problem? Has anyone else observed this behavior? Thanks in advance
  5. Thanks a lot mate, that's just what we needed!
  6. Greetings, We want to setup an IVR Node to just play a message to the caller. He should not be able to input any number, just hear the message and when the message is over the call should disconnect. Maybe we could use the !T!123! DTMF pattern, but what we need is to somehow, tell the PBX we don't want to transfer to extension 123, but to just disconnect the call. Is there any way to do this using IVR Nodes? Can we specify a .wav file to be played in the SOAP response to an IVR Node (instead of redirecting to an extension, just play a .wav file)? We have achieved a similar functionality using an Auto Attendant and its Hangup Timeout option, but we feel that it's not the best way to go. Thanks a lot!
  7. Hello, We had a similar issue and the cause was that the SOAP request was malformed. Check if your code is adding any additional headers to your request or altering its structure somehow. (You can use Fiddler to see exactly how your request is being received by the pbx).
  8. Hello, Another quite useful option offered by pbxnsip is that you can send CDR reports to an XML webservice and process them as you wish. For example, you could receive the CDRs in your webservice and store them in any database engine you want. Check this URLs for more info: http://wiki.pbxnsip.com/index.php/CDR#CDR_...AP.2FXML_Server http://wiki.pbxnsip.com/index.php/Processi...DR_from_the_PBX
  9. Looks like he's spraying and praying. I received the same message
  10. Greetings, We're currently doing this for Concursive CRM. We already have a couple of working examples.
  11. That's right, we are receiving the queue status message and it works flawlessly. Is it there any way to tell the agent group which extension the call should be connected to? just as you can do with IVR nodes.
  12. Greetings, In the Agent Group article of the pbxnsip wiki, there's a section called SOAP Interface: http://wiki.pbxnsip.com/index.php/Agent_Group This section says: "If you want to use external logic to control the queue behavior, you might want to use the SOAP settings. Please see the SOAP web page about this topic. " However, we haven't been able to find any details about how the topic. Has this not yet been implemented? Thanks in advance!
  13. Digging into the forum I've found the answer to this question: "At the moment only indirectly. You can for example monitor the extension status for that agent." I think it would be nice if you can add the extension that picked up the call to the SOAP message issued when a calls connects to an extension of the Agent Group.
  14. What we're trying to do is to find out which extension picked up the call
  15. Hello, We had this same issue, we solved it developing an intermediate service, which receives the CDR messages and forwards them to all the recipients we want. Maybe it could work in your scenario too.
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