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  1. I always had the country code for the domain left blank and set the trunks to "don't re-write" and controlled things via the dial-plans because they are assigned on user-level and we have a broad mix of users in the domain who have different "local number formats" and different permissions. If I could do it all again today I would have sites in different countries in different domains and make more use of the trunk setting "Rewrite global numbers:". I popped the country code in the domain now and assigned these users a dial-plan appropriate for their needs and set the "Rewrite global numbers:" to e.164 and it's all working now! No need to play with extravagant regex in the dial plans Thanks for pointing me to the right direction!
  2. Not sure that would work without setting domain country code... Users in this domain are in different countries thus what they consider "local" dialing varies by user. But they are all in the same domain Country codes can't be set per user only per domain, right ?
  3. At my location we have cell phone numbers that are always 10 digits and always start with 08 or 09. Long distance PSTN Calls start with 02,03,04,05,06 and 07 and are always 9 digits long. I got the dialplan sorted out to figure out cellphone vs. long distance numbers and select this trunk. The trunk I want to use is US-based and would like to receive numbers with the country code prefixed and the leading zero stripped. But I cannot figure out how to strip the leading zero. Example: cellphone number 0866884100 needs to be sent to the trunk as 66866884100 I got the dialplan looking like this: 300;inhouse-th-guests;;08XXXXXXXX;66*;;false Now dialling 0866884100 will prefix the country code but the leading zero is there and will cause the trunk provider to drop the call (obviously). What's the magic involved in dropping that leading zero ?
  4. +1. Tested an hour ago. Going 5.1.3 -> 5.2.0 breaks stuff. Can't login to Web UI.
  5. Trying to create a custom trunk in 5.0.10 and selecting "Other" doesn't seem to work. Tried different browsers to eliminate possibility of client-side issues. My workaround is to use one of the specific providers templates and then text edit the trunk config. Is that the way to go about it ? The wizard is only there to pre-populate some of the settings but at the end of the day a trunk is a trunk is a trunk and can be post-edited later no matter what wizard was used for initial creation, right ?
  6. Does anyone have an Anveo Direct trunk set up with SnomONE ? Particularly interested in how the headers need to be constructed.
  7. A JTAG cable alone is not of much use if I do not have any guidance on how to pyshically open the case without breaking it apart and once I have the terminal going, I would not know where to get a factory image from to restore it to how it shipped. Instructions / docu are usually helpful in those cases... The SnomOne mini has 4 screws at the base. Opening them you will find that the housing catches on something. There is either a latch or another screw somewhere. Surely someone has done this before and can give some guidance that will help avoid breaking the housing ?
  8. It works indeed. But the latest ssh update breaks ssh and you end up with a bricked mini and absolutely no support.... It's trash. To elaborate: I do an apt-get update and reboot. Now sshd is not running. I need SSH access to control the one modification we made to it: install openvpn server. The device has no console port and no documented method of reloading the entire OS through the USB port. I contact the reseller who sold the hardware - no response. I contact Snom who make it impossible to raise a ticket unless you post on their support forum first. Trouble is they no longer have a Snom Mini section in their forum - regardless if you run 4.5x or 5.x so there is no way to break out of the loop there to raise a ticket. Who supports this device ? Nobody that's who! I make a ticket with Vodia almost a week later (for a critical issue) get a half-response that a JTAG port exists. Great, I got the right cable here on the crash cart. But it doesn't help much without instructions on how to open the housing without breaking it, what pitfalls to look out for, where to get a factory image from or anything. Two weeks downtime and counting while the SnomOne mini gathers dust as a paperweight.
  9. Since upgrading to 5.0.7 it *sometimes* happens that I log into the admin UI successfully which shows in the syslog: logged in from IP address 199.x.x.yyy.zzz, session 4wsx1li9cvtu1zvbr5v1 Then I click on a domain and successfully display the domain. I want to filter down to look at only extension or only agent groups (doesn't really matter what I click at that point) and BOOM! I get locked out. syslog reports: The IP address 199.x.x.yyy.zzz has been blacklisted for 60 minutes because there were 4 unsuccessful authentication attempts (http). Please click on http://whatismyipaddress.com/ip/199.x.x.yyy.zzz#Geolocation-Information if you wish to know the details about this IP address. It only happens sometimes. Has anyone else seen this occur ? May be a localized issue (cookies)... I will try to find out more.
  10. The mini is definitely a good piece of equipment. Hardly draws power runs 5.x nicely with OpenVPN server side-loaded and no hassles. Had a look at the distributors I usually check for Snom Hardware and it really seems like SoHos are on the way out. But the OP has a point... Documentation is hard to come by right now. It's all fragmented and mostly for 4.5x.
  11. On the Snom M9 I had similar issues and a quick and dirty (but not very secure with regards to possible MITM attacks) workaround was to tell the phones to provison via https but accept all certs without trying to check their validity. You could try that temporarily if your endpoints have that option - just to get back up and running confirm it is a certificate issue.
  12. Documentation is pretty messed up at the moment as the focus seems to be on migrating to the new business model and getting v5.x out the door for which it is even harder to find docu. Is the SoHo even still getting marketed now that 5.x is out ?
  13. OMG does this also apply to v5.0.3 ? If so, I just burnt 6 hours writing dial plans that according to the Wiki should have worked but the test area always shows no match.
  14. I got the same thing now on a brand new SnomONE mini that I took out of the box and upgraded to 5.0.3. It takes the free license activation key but not the paid one. I will make a support ticket and see what transpires.
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