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  1. Ah I see you added this as a feature ok thanks will test
  2. is there any update on implementing this feature? I have noticed that in the last update that the system no longer works with http://wiki.snom.com/Settings/fkey/starcode when the key is pressed I am seeing the below in logs. [4] 20190416114440: Dial number *94 from user 681 and dial plan Redacted [5] 20190416114440: *94 does not match any star code It does seem to work using http://wiki.snom.com/Settings/fkey/dtmf but this has the undesired effect of sending the DTMF tones when the button is pressed. I can provide full logs if required but this definitely worked in version 60.0 and possibly 61.0
  3. yes I have seen the button http://wiki.snom.com/Settings/recording_mechanism i did try and set this up with DTMF tone but snom requires the same sequence to pause and resume. the agent group button has this BLF interaction so i suppose it may not be that difficult to provide interaction.
  4. maybe we could get this put in for the next release?
  5. im sure this could be implemented the same way as the login agent button on a snom phone?
  6. either that or an email notification perhaps?
  7. Hi, We currently have automatic recording and I have programmed 2 buttons on users snom 715 phones to pause and resume the recording (using the starcode F key http://wiki.snom.com/Settings/fkey/starcode) is there any way we could get this to notify the user? eg the BLF button lights up when paused and extinguishes when resumed? https://vodia.com/documentation/starcodes_miscellaneous
  8. Ok any idea when the new version will be released?
  9. Is there a way to change this value beyond 100000? Seems this has change in version 59 and the last setting (dont keep CDRs) is ambiguous.
  10. Im trying to set the ANI on extensions but it will not save? It just goes blank when I refresh the page I'm using 58.2
  11. admin user the setting has changed a per the screenshot, if I login as a user with an extension number then those fields are still there and not hidden?
  12. In the latest version 58.2 the user pages still show the SIP and web password fields? Even though they are disabled?
  13. It seems on the new version of the UI that we are missing to previous features the search box for accounts (search box on the lfet pane only searches setting options) and import accounts via CSV? Are these intended to be added back in?
  14. Has this version been finalized now?
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