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  1. We are noticing a difference in the app and the web interface for ACD groups see the below screenshots on the left is the windows app Which shows a green icon next to the logged in user and the right is the web interface which shows green icon regardless if the user is logged in or out?
  2. Any plans to make it available? We don't allow user access to the windows store on our domain
  3. that does seem to work but it doesn't update dynamically? once the user is logged in the ACD they have to relog the app for the ACD to show? Is there no way to show a user (a call centre manager as an example) a list of the specific ACDs all the time they are not part of the acd but want to monitor it. This was the way this worked before the new web interface/app? seems like this function has been lost?
  4. sorry our PBX is only available on premises not via the Internet.
  5. sorry that does not work and I don't have any customised files?
  6. if i unset that then that user cannot see any agent groups, I need users to see only specific ones?
  7. unfortunately that's not the case If i click on one which my user is not listed in that 'Permissions to monitor this account' then I can still see the data?
  8. I already set that it doesn't seem to work? I am using Version 65.0.8 it shows all agent groups regardless.
  9. Is it possible to only show specific ACDs to users in the web/app interface? at the moment it seems to give access to them all?
  10. We are trying to roll the app out to users is it available as an .msi or .exe?
  11. Why would I need to do that does the star code not work anymore? The preference is set in the extension but I don't get the normal 'this feature is not available at this time' but a message from my trunk carrier says long call cannot be completed??
  12. Hi Since Upgrading to 65.0.8 on Centos-64 *87 pickup does not work anymore and seems to dial out via trunk? i get number not recognised from my provider. Below is the log output Dial number *87 from user 681 and dial plan XXXXXXⓘ [4] 14:22:43.045 Last message repeated 2 timesⓘ [8] 14:22:43.045 Port 648: Disconnect all others except leg 1427ⓘ [8] 14:22:43.045 Dialing star code *87ⓘ [8] 14:22:43.045 Handle star code *87ⓘ [8] 14:22:43.045 Code pickup *87ⓘ [7] 14:22:43.045 Undirected call pickup from 656 673 678 651 711 651 failedⓘ [7] 14:22:43.045 Last message repeated 2 timesⓘ [5] 14:22:43.045 Code pickup failed *87ⓘ [5] 14:22:43.045 Last message repeated 2 timesⓘ [5] 14:22:43.045 *87 does not match any star codeⓘ
  13. Ah I see you added this as a feature ok thanks will test
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