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Binding of aliases to MAC addresses

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I have been rummaging around and have not found a step by step guide to adding extentions. I am having problems with MAC and ip addresses not registering. Has anyone had a simular experience?


What did you do? Did you create an extension in the domain? How far did you get? Maybe http://wiki.pbxnsip.com/index.php/Creating_New_Accounts is a good starting point.

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I read that before and did as instructed.


I think the misunderstanding is that the PBX would authenticate an incoming Ethernet packet based on the MAC address. It does not do that - and it would be actually difficult if the request was send e.g. over the Internet. MAC addresses are kept in the packet only in the "LAN" (whatever that is). As soon as a router comes into the game, the MAC has not much meaning any more.


The MAC is only used for the automatic provisioning of devices. Even there the MAC on the Ethernet packet plays no role; whatever MAC the user agents indicates in the provisioning request is used for generating the provisioning data.

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