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'Pound' key


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We're based in the UK and the 'Pound' key confuses the hell of out of people, because it's known as the 'Hash' key. We often find people who come across the prompt pause for a number of seconds looking for the ? key - then may hit the # by chance. Is there a possibility of having 'UK English' prompts with the one subtle change being changing the Pound to a Hash?

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That's a good one. Seems like we need a translation for UK... But we were seriously considering recording prompts because of the different accent in UK. That would be just another reason to do it.


Yep that would be great, not that there's anything wrong with American accents :)

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Was there any progress with this? We've got a client requesting we change the voice prompts to a more "English" sounding voice, rather than have to pay talent and editing to do it, is there already a set in production?




To achieve closure on this issue:


English prompts (not Judi Dench) were made available in the downloads late in 2007. Version 3 set of UK English prompts also available since Oct 2008.

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