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Hunt Group issues

Jason Shave

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I have an OCS environment working as per the http://wiki.pbxnsip.com/index.php/Office_C...ications_Server web page. I'm now trying to get the hunt group feature working and have run into a few issues.


First, I've created 4 accounts in pbxnsip:


+8080 = OCS User1

+8081 = OCS User2

+8082 = XLite User1

+8083 = HuntGroup1 (contains +8080 +8081)


I've set a manual registration to my mediation server with "sip:+<extension>@mediationserver.com;transport=tcp" for both accounts. Calling these extensions directly from X-Lite works great.


When I call the hunt group number from X-Lite it just rings as its supposed to and works great! If I call from another OCS User number it just rings and rings but no extension picks up.


Here is my log output for the call from OCS to the hunt group:


[5] 2008/08/31 10:10:48: SIP port accept from 
[5] 2008/08/31 10:10:48: Identify trunk (IP address and domain match) 6 
[3] 2008/08/31 10:10:51: Via is empty, cannot send reply


Any ideas?





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So the question would remain:


Do hunt group members need to be defined in pbxnsip specifically for them to work in a hunt group?




Can I define the hunt group members as "sip:<extension>@<mediationserver>;transport=tcp"?


You cannot put SIP URI in the hunt group itself, you always have to run this through an extension. There you can use a static registration to have the same effet.

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Exchange Unified Messaging picks up the call if a hunt group member is signed out of Office Communicator. There is no registration or data flowing from OCS back to pbxnsip to tell the pbx not to ring that HG member, etc...


We would be more than happy to get a "reason" for picking up the call... Maybe one nice day we get a SIP header that we can evaluate. Same problem with the cell phones. We have no idea if it is the mailbox or the user himself that picks up.

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