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CDR and DID/ANI details


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Just wanting to know if its possible to retrieve DID/ANI information from Extensions when retrieving CDR information. I could not find anything about it in the documentation. I suppose the {Domain Information} + {Extension} would be sufficient to be a unique identifier but it would be easier to use something like the DID.

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Sorry to resume an old topic but i can see ANI information with the SIP packets when making calls, however what i really wanted to get was the DID information for outbound calls (not sure if this is possible)


I know its counter intuitive to try and resolve DID information for outbound calls - but the rationale here is to make a DID accountable for all outbound calls i.e. the DID becomes the billing entity

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Usually you will be able to see who is charged for the call by looking at the SIP packet, especially if it contains the authorization information presented to the SIP trunk provider. Ultimately, the trunk provider must derive the billing information from it. This is the charge from the SIP trunk side; who is internally in the PBX accounted for the call is another question.

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