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Prefix field on button programming

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We added it recently and therefore have not yet added it in the documentation. It is basically only for Yealink phones. When Yealink does a call pickup on a BLF, it needs a star code to use, which goes in this field.


Also in the button type drop down you will see a prefix as well. That is for Yealink too but for a different purpose. In that case the value you give it in parameter is what Yealink shows on the screen pressed and any other button or dialing after that is added to that prefix as a short cut.

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These are star codes that need to be prefixed with the speed dial extension. So for example if you need to dial *87 before an extension that you want to pick up say 40, then to achieve *8740 in order to pickup the call ringing on 40 you have to give this prefix *87 in the prefix field and the parameter will be as usual the extension, 40 in this case.



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