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Shared Line (CO Lines)


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Hi, I am using vodia 5.2.6 version. Can you please tell me how can I set up shared line (Co Lines) on Yealink IP Phones? I tested it on snom phones and its working fine. Can you please tell me how can I set up for Yealink Phones? I have Yealink T46G and T26P phones. Thanks

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we use Vodia and Yealinks. We had a major issue where the BLF resubscription period would reset the status. Meaning if there is a parked call while the BLF resubscription timer expires, it would reset the BLF light to no call waiting. Our workaround was setting the resubscription timer to 24hours with this Yealink parameter:


account.1.blf.subscribe_period = 86400


If you have your BLF lights going on and off every 60 or 120 seconds, this is the cause. We do use an old version of Vodia, 4.5.0 so maybe it was fixed in a more recent release. I'd be curious to know your results.

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