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How to add Start number's in Dial Plan


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I am using Vodia 5.2.5. I've client in Israel. In Israel there are some companies provide star numbers. like,




If anyone dial this star number it goes to a particular/defined number. Can you please tell me how can we add these star numbers in Vodia Dial Plan? What needs to be added in Pattern and what should be in Replacement. Thanks

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I already checked this section. The thing is there are hundreds start numbers. How can we define a particular route for all of them. Suppose there are 200 star numbers having 4 digits. like "*9865, *9874, *9874 etc". How can I define a route in Pattern and Replacement?

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If you want to match * then you cannot use the "simple" pattern. But you can use something like ^(\*[0-9]{4})@.* might be hard to read like assembler code, but it should match those 4 digits and you can use them in the replacement (there you can use the simple pattern, e.g. just *)

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