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Hello Guys, Is there a way to check a Queue status? We would like to be able to capture the following information:

If there're calls on course.

Logged Agents

Agents who belong to a queue

Agent information (Busy, available, DND)

Is this information available to be shared from the PBX?

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Yes it is done in the user portal under ACD's.


If you copy the usr_index.js from your browser to a file of the same name in the html folder of the pbx, then that file will be used for the user portal instead of the built in one. So that you can make changes to that file and observe.


The acd related functions explain how we present data.


Specifically how the information is obtained from the pbx with calls like:


// All ACD information, for individual ACDs

var acds = getRest("/rest/user/" + encodeURIComponent(session.cuser + "@" + session.cdomain) + "/wallboard");


// A single ACD information, for individual agents

var acd = getRest("/rest/user/" + encodeURIComponent(session.cuser + "@" + session.cdomain) + "/wallboard/" + encodeURIComponent(groups));


Where REST is used to make the request. The user is a particular extension and domain is the domain in which the ACDs reside.


Make sure this extension is logged in and is the queue manager. To make an extension a queue, you to set the setting "Queue manager" with the extension(s) that you want to be queue manager. The setting is found in the ACD main settings.

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