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Call cell phone when new message arrives

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I tried to implement the “Call cell phone when new message arrives” feature for one of my domains. The feature seems to be broken on the new PBX versions 5.4.0 and 5.4.1.


We tried on a PBX running 5.4.0 and on a different PBX running 5.4.1 and it fails as follows. When you leave a VM the system calls the cell phone but hangs up after a few seconds of ringing. If you manage to answer your cell phone before the system hangs up the system prompts you that you have a VM but hangs up before you can listen to the VM.


We tried this on a PBX running version 5.2.5 and it works correctly.


Is anyone else having this issue?

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Hi, I've tested your scenario and could not reproduce it here. I am running version 5.4.1.a but also tested on the later version 5.4.0 and it works here.


Can you send me a private message with attached PCAP?


If would be useful to get a trace from the trunk level only since it's where the disconnection is happening.



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