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Having cellphone breaks incoming calls


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We are wanting to have our cell phones ring as well as our desk phones for if we are not in our office, however when we try to set this up, our incoming calls ring for a minute and then fail.


Have I missed something in the configuration, or is this not how it's going to work for us?





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Maybe the cell phone mailbox picks up? Try to have the cell phone user press "1" to connect the call, then those effects should not interfere with the PBX connection.



The cellphone doesn't get a chance to ring either. It makes one ring on the call and completely drops out.

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What version are you running? There were versions with bugs in the cell phone forking area.





5.4.1 (Win64)



It works intermittently now. Sometimes it will ring a mobile, others it won't. We have 4 lines on our trunk, so that shouldn't be a problem.

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