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Ad Hoc Change of Outbound ANI


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We have a new customer who previously used to select a different 'line' on their handset to call out from for different calls. The purpose of this is to display a different phone number when calling out as they make calls on behalf of different businesses within the same office from the same phone.


I cannot find a way to do this with Vodia.


Is it possible to map a button to change the outbound ANI on the fly as they did previously?


Or any other suggestions you may have.


Many thanks for your help in advance.

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Thank you for your reply.


The customer's system has multiple ACD's (1 ACD for each business so the users can answer calls accordingly). This particular extension is part of all of the ACD's so they can receive calls from any of them.


My understanding is that the extension needs to be logged in to the ACD to receive calls.


My questions are:

1. If the extension is part of Multiple ACD's, which ANI is used?

2. If the use is loggin in and out of ACD's will they only receive calls once logged in?


Many thanks

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I achieved this by using IVR node's with the ANI's and outbound dial plans set with a wav file on the node to play a tone. I then programmed some speed dial buttons on the phone to access them and told the user's when they hear the tone they can dial the number and press # to send the call and it will dial out with the correct ANI they needed.


I could probably work on the dial plan some more to make it start matching numbers on the fly so no # is needed, but I did it in a rush.


DTMF Match List: = !([0-9]*)#!\1!

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