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Shared Line on Yealink T46 Phones


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Hi Support,


We are using Yealink T46G IP phones in our office. We are using Vodia PBX 5.2.5. We have 8 members here using same phone. Suppose we have extension 201,202,203,204 and 205. I want if extension 201 is on call and he put his call on hold, a button/light should blink on all other phones and all should be able to pick up that hold call by pressing that button. Before I was using the same feature on Snom phones through Co Lines and it was working absolutely fine. But somehow it’s not working on Yealink Phones. I don't want to use Call park because it needs another button to be configured on phone or using star code. I want it to be use with hold button just like on snom phones. Please advise.

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In the old days there was no standard for this. For the snom phones we did a "hack" and just implemented it with our own protocol. Today we have RFC 7463, and I expect that more and more vendors will support this standard. Including us. But I am not sure if Yealink supports it yet.

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