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Call Forward no answer time out


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Hi, please find the attached file. I am using Vodia 5.2.6. I set up no answer timeout call forwarding to my cell phone after 10 seconds. Before transfer call to my cell phone system prompt "Please stay online while system redirect the call". Is there a way we can turn of this prompt?


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There are two ways to include the cell phone in the call. The first one is the classical redirection where the caller is aware about the redirection, through this voice prompt.


The other way is the cell phone twinning where the PBX is hiding the fact that the call does not go to a "regular" office phone but to a cell phone instead. You can also delay the inclusion of the cell phone by 10 seconds, effectively giving you the same effect like the redirect after timeout. The desk phone will keep on ringing in this case, that is something that is hopefully not a problem here.

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