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DND button does not sync with server


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I have a Snom 320 version 8.4.35 and Vodia 5.5 we are testing. The phone has using_server_managed_dnd enabled. Problem is that the server does not switch to DND. How can we resolve this problem, so that the DND button syncs with the server?


This is what the Snom firmware says:


If this setting is "on" the server will be responsible for handling the DND(DO NOT DISTURB) functionality. From the call perspective the phone will act as if no dnd was set (all is managed by the server).
The phone user will see the value from dnd_mode (in FW versions < 8.7.3:server_managed_dnd_state) as the current DND state, and this value can be changed at anytime by the server.
This setting does not specify how the server changes the value of dnd_mode (in FW versions < 8.7.3:server_managed_dnd_state) nor how the phone updates them (it may be done via TR69).
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