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currently we have two phones for the reception, we setup a hunt group and put the two phones in stage 1 and the last is a mailbox.

Is working no problm.


The customer need for same reason for launch etc. a redirection for all calls from this 2 phones to a other extension and to adjust this direct on the phone.

Now we run in trouble, the redirection is not working ;-(


We try a Auto Attendants and a ACD without success to handle the redirection of the phone.

Only the Auto Attendants handle the redirection with the restriction to handle only one phone, in the Timeout Handling under the redirection number we setup the two phones


You know a simple solution for this



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Redirections are only affecting direct calls to the extension. But what you can do is use a service flag to control the redirection in the hunt group.


What might also be interesting is the "mini hunt group" that comes with the extension. It is called "Include following extensions when this extension is being called". There is no delay calling the other extensions, but redirection will work.

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