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Our hostedi.am Call transfer feature lets you efficiently transfer calls to your team members with a single button press.

hostedi.am supports both "Blind" and "Attended" transfer modes, meaning you can transfer the call with or without first speaking to the other person you are trying to transfer the call to.



Attended Transfer by snom

For me this is not working with a single button press (BLF), we need to press the transfer button to transfer the call, first the BLF and after speaking with team members press transfer.


Transfer on hangup

We try to switch the transfer_on_hangup „on“ for attended transfer normaly works for blind attended works not so good so we decide to switch off this feature.

The pbx transfer the call not back after xy time and the pickup for this calls not possible any more.


What is the bestpratice for attended / blind transfer with a single button press debian 64 Version 5.5.6




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The transfer heavily depends on the phone that you use. At the end of the day, from the PBX perspective, the phone sends a REFER with or without a replacement info which is needed for the attended transfer. We were looking for a "prefix" button for a long time, so that pushing a button changes the "dial" function into a "transfer" function, but we are not aware about firmware changes that allow that yet.

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