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Added a pause into the Address Book for DTMF


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I have found several threads about having a pause added so that a call can be made and then a DTMF tone played when answered. I was wondering is this has been accomplished. I have a new customer that had this ability on there old phone system. I have been able to get this to work with the Snom D725 by manually configuring a button for this, but would like to be able to have this in the PBX address book.

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The PBX never generates DTMF when dialing a number. Consequently there would be no need for a pause symbol either.


On the other hand, it passes the number to the PSTN gateway. Many gateways are able to not only generate the DTMF to dial the number, they can also generate pauses. So what could be a solution here would be adding the symbol (e.g. a comma) to the address book entry, let the PBX have it pass to the PSTN gateway and make sure that is is processed there when dialing the number.

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