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Inverted logic of service flag


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I have service flag created for redirection of out-of-hours calls, and fields in web interface are set as below:

mode: automatic

Logic: Specify times when flag is not active

Monday: 8:30-18:30


Friday: 8:30-18:30

However, the behaviour is the opposite - calls are redirected in 8:30-18:30 interval. When I change field "Logic" to "Specify times when flag is active (calls are redirected)", then the flag redirects calls in out-of-hours time.
Could it be the bug and labels in "logic" dropdown are inverted? In HTML i see that this dropdown has id "invert" and values "false" = "Specify times when flag is active (calls are redirected)" and "true" = "Specify times when flag is not active"
Version 5.5.6
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Well the logic is indeed very hard to understand. The best way to see what happens is to look at the service flags list in the domain account view, it contains the current state of the flags. We have flipped the text in the HTML I think like a year ago, not sure if the 5.5.6 was already affected.

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