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CDR URL to multiple servers


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The CDR URL documentation states the following


The CDR URL contains zero, one or more strings that tell the PBX where to send leg CDR. These strings are separated by space characters.

Am I interpreting that this means that I can send the CDR to multiple servers for a single domain?


When sending to multiple servers I assume the PBX sends duplicate data to each server. In this install we have a customer with multiple locations so we would need to send the data to multiple CRD collection servers. This is an auto dealership in two different cities. Is there any way to filter the CDR records so the CDRs from site A are only sent to site A's CRD collection server?

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Yes. Use a space character to separate the destinations. They are independent. You can use this to have some kind of "redundancy", or to use different schemes at the same time, e.g. send into MongoDG and into a CSV file.


You can set this up on domain level and system level. If you use the domain level, then this will "filter" only for that domain. But we don't have any other filters.

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