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Hubt group final stage behaviour


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I have a door-phone configured as extension 600 which calls hunt group 500.


Hunt group 500

stage 1 calls extension 201

stage 2 calls extensions 201 202 203 204 205

final stage calls extension 201

turn off the cell phone forking is Yes


Extension 201

has a cell phone number configured.

When calling the extension in a hunt group: Don't call cellphone


When someone rings the doorbell

extension 201 rings -> is normal behaviour for stage 1

all other extensions rings -> normal behaviour for stage 2

final stage -> extension 201 rings (is OK) but after few seconds also the cellphone !


How come the cellphone rings when not included in hunt group and cellphone forking is disabled?


What is the exact behaviour of the Final Stage?

What is the meaning of 'Final stage to cellphone' in the documentation? Why the word 'cellphone' here as it can be any number? https://vodia.com/doc/huntgroups








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The final stage works different than the other stages. The PBX essentially redirects the call to that number, which means this call is not a hunt group call any more. Instead it is a call to the extension (which is actually an auto attendant call), which means that the mailbox may kick in, or other things like cell phone forking.


What you could do is to move the 201 to stage 3 and have a long timeout there, e.g. 60 seconds. I would then use 8201 (the mailbox of 201) as the final stage, so that the call eventually ends up somewhere.

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