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Ring To Cell, then to ring groupe w/ traditional phones


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So I have a customer who wants calls to go to a users cell phone, and if that user doesn't answer within maybe 15 seconds, for it to ring to their traditional phones. I have an extension setup, that is forwarding to a cell phone #. Then I have a ring group setup with several phones. If i create a hunt group that rings the extension for the cell phone first, 15 second wait, and then to the ring group, it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong here? Thanks so much!

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Hunt groups are ring groups.


I am trying to understand here:-


1) You are dialing from a cell phone inbound to your Hunt group? And then to cell phone redirection.

2) I suppose this link here for how to setup a hunt group can help you better.


Please check "Stages" section there.

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There's a ring/hunt group created. It involves the following.


ext 100, 101, 102 (standard phones)


and there's an extension that is just setup for a cell phone


ext 103, forward to cell phone # configured.



If I configure the hunt group


stage 1 extensions: 103, Duration:20

stage 2 extensions: 100, 101, 102



It does not ring the cell phone @ 103, it instead goes directly to 100, 101, 102.



If i configure it


stage 1 extensions: 103



Just like that, it rings to the cell phone fine.

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1) "303 is manually configured on several handsets" - what does this mean exactly?

2) "No handset configured to this ext, just has all calls fwd to the particular #." - You dont have an ext 509, and you have redirected it to your cell phone directly?

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1.) I mean the phones aren't like automatically provisioned. The settings are manually configured from the handsets to point back to the PBX, and all of the handsets (I think the tech director said there were four) are configured for that particular extension.

2) There is no physical handset provisioned to the extension. It's literally configured as I posted in the above image. The extension just points calls to an external # (technicians cell phone)

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