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Call Park issues with Yealink and multiple calls.


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A customer alerted me to an issue with Yealinks today to do with call parks that was working in the past. I spooled up a vanilla 5.1.0 as I couldn’t exactly remember when it was working so I went to the lowest 5.x i could find and can confrim all is good in 5.1.0.


Current Problem 5.5.4~ (not sure when it started, any phone firmware),

  • Reception user is on a call
  • Second call comes in, alert displayed on phone with tone on earpiece
  • User presses park button to park first call, but it parks the second incoming call, but jams the phone and eventually shows a transfer error.
  • You then cant park the original call as the phone is in a diffrent menu layout due to the failed park.

In the past (tested on 5.1.0 as ok any phone firmware),

  • Reception user is on a call
  • Second call comes in, alert displayed on phone with tone on earpiece
  • User presses park orbit button, current call placed into park
  • Second call would ring up, parking them as they go to be dealt with if many calls etc.



  • All test phones auto provisioned
  • Standard PBX supplied configs except, Transfer Mode via Dsskey set @ Attended.
  • T46G handset tested from firmware as low as to current
  • Buttons managed by PBX, refer to further button notes


Further Buttons Notes,

  • In the past before ‘Park Orbit’ button type was supported we ran a tweaked config that set a few buttons up as ‘Park Type’ on the Yealink statically as Yealink treats them as blind transfer buttons that way, allowing the other DSSKey’s to be set to use the Attended transfer default.
  • Since 'Park' was supported we have had the PBX manage all button types.
  • The parks have worked since being supported it is only recently that this has started.

I have also noticed when testing in 5.1.0 that when you press the Park orbit button with no call going the phone would connect to the orbit and show an active call has been made.


In 5.5.4 it just shows that its attempting to connect and never does, I presume this is why the parking has stopped working as the yealink needs it to confirmation connection to hand off the call ?


Thoughts? if you need more info let me know.

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I tried this scenario over here with Yealink and other phones of different brand. As far as i can understand, the parking has a very little to do with the PBX routing of the calls. It depends on the phone model of how it manages the second call when one call is parked. For me yealink T28P behaved the same way as you mentioned. And Htek was working perfectly. Htek received a call, picked up, second call came in, it parked first call, hit answer on it, picked up second call and first call was still on park. And i tried to pick that call from Yealink, but it kept connecting to the park orbit, but nothing happens.


Please try it on Htek UC842 once more and let us know.

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I only have Yealink & Snom phones to test with.


As I mentioned in the first post the Yealink works fine on older PBX versions older than 5.5.4 no matter what phone firmware is used. So some thing has changed park orbit wise on the pbx since.


if BLF button type is used on the Yealink with DSS Keys set to blind transfer you can park calls, but this is not ideal as attended transfer is preferred method for DSS Key buttons. (Except for when using parks) hence why these buttons are set to Park Type.


Maybe I am not explaining well but some thing has changed, I am just trying to under stand what it is and to me it seems PBX as the issue is gone when reverting to older versions.

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I just tried the same exact scenario as i explained above on 5.1.0 (after downgrading). But the Yealink T29 still dropped the first call and second call was blank (no ringback and no engaged tone too). I understood what you were trying to say with the DSS keys, and yes it would be incorrect to do it.


If you still have to switch between two calls, holding and transferring would be the best work around as i am sure you would be knowing that already.

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