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Define CDR format at domain level


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You can set the cdr format on a per domain level and/or the system level.


For domain level, as admin select the domain under Domains -> List. Once in the domain, go down to the Advanced -> General Settings menu. This put you in the Domain Settings for Domain xxxxx page. Scroll down the page to CDR Settings and add the CDR format you want to send in the CDR URL field.



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Thank you again!!!


As I was reading the current CDR documentation I thought the explanation hinted that you could do this. It is not specifically stated in the doc and there are no examples. This is what prompted me to post my other CDR related query for better CDR documentation.


So basically I can append to the simple CDR URL the format string as below?



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Right now the simple CDR format is a global settings. But it does not hurt to have an optional third argument after the port! So next version will allow cdr:$w$5g$10c$5d, however obviously the port must be there then and the pattern cannot contain spaces.

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