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Delay in receiving voicemails to email

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Some users are telling me that they receive their voicemails up to 2 hours after they were left. Checking the logs on the mail server does not show any attempts to it. Checking the logs of the PBX shows that all the voicemails were sent together some after an hour.


This is the end of the call, timestamp: 20170613094149

BYE sip:5947@;transport=tls SIP/2.0
Via: SIP/2.0/TLS;branch=z9hG4bK-0y9ucpwuj72i;rport
From: "Mikey Closer" <sip:5947@pbx.voipvoip2x.com>;tag=7j24tlqgsa
To: <sip:2222@pbx.voipvoip2x.com;user=phone>;tag=9a496c4278
Call-ID: 313439373336313233333536313034-qwdpkvnj7xak
CSeq: 3 BYE
Max-Forwards: 70
User-Agent: snomD745/
Contact: <sip:5947@;transport=Tls;line=nof3hn0x>;reg-id=1
RTP-RxStat: Total_Rx_Pkts=3865,Rx-Pkts=3865,Rx_Pkts_Lost=6,Remote_Rx_Pkts_Lost=0
RTP-TxStat: Total_Tx_Pkts=3874,Tx_Pkts=3874,Remote_Tx_Pkts=3874
Proxy-Require: buttons
Content-Length: 0

And this is the SMTP connection at 2017061311194:

[8] 20170613111945: Send SMTP traffic (122552 bytes)
Subject:Voicemail from Mikey Closer (5947)
Date:Tue, 13 Jun 2017 15:19:45 -0000

I changed the mail server and pbx domain for obvious reasons...


Is there a limit on a number of emails the system sends out?

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If there is a huge backlog of emails I would understand that it can take some time until the email gets sent out. What is happening is that the PBX lines emails up one after each other for each email server. So if the first one blocks for whatever reason, it will take some time to get the others out later. Usually that should work nicely and email should be (and they mostly are) going on in near-real time. Maybe you can set the log level for email to 9 and write the log to the file system so that there is a 3 day log for the email traffic for better understanding what is going on.

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Problem is that although there might be a backlog, the emails were not being queued at all. The initial emails were sent, then there was a pause, then sent again. The timeframe between the two logs shown nothing much happened (it terms of emails being sent...) I am writing all this to a log file, that's how I'm able to take out the logs above...

I think something may be causing an issue with the emails not being sent out.

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We added some more logging to the latest version which will hopefully help us getting a better insight what is going on there.

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