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Question regarding Mailbox\NightMode\Serviceflag


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This is from a message I posted to the list - I thought I'd take it to the forums (now i can access them)




I want to do the following;


- Calls come into a hunt group


- If a given service-flag is set, go direct to a mailbox (e.g. 300)

which reads out a message ("Sorry we are closed, please leave a

message after the tone")


- If the service-flag isn't set - the hunt group rings a few phones.

If none answer after 15 seconds I want the call to go to the same

mailbox (300) but with a message ("Sorry we are unable to take your

call, please try again later")


I figured maybe I can use two different IVR\AAs which announce the

different messages, then redirect the caller to the same mailbox with

a generic message.


I'm sure I could also do similar things with nested hunt groups and

seperate mailboxes - but I figured its best to use a single mailbox.


(I'd normally use the forum but I don't seem to be able to connect)






From: pbxnsip List <list@pbxnsip.com>

Date: 29-May-2007 00:15

Subject: Re: [pbxnsip] Question regarding Mailbox\NightMode\Serviceflag

To: pbxnsip@yahoogroups.com


At the moment the only way to achieve this goal is to have two mailboxes. But we are on it.



How about introducing some kind of 'poor mans' auto-attendant. A new kind of extension that basically, plays a message, then calls another extension - similar to the Playback application in Asterisk.


That way - you can have arbitary messages in the extension logic, before redirecting calls, while changing hunt groups, prior to mailbox messages etc.


Something like;


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