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Monitoring and Pickup Protection of extensions


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is there a possibility to protect an extension (Monitoring/Pickup) from another extension as admin, we found these settings but they have no effect

  • Watch the calls of the following extensions: This feature allows users to watch the presence of an extension(s). The system will automatically generate configuration files of the extensions specified. Note: Wildcard patterns are permitted in this field. If only a star is used, the system will place all extensions of the domain into its call-watching list.
  • Watch the presence of the following extensions (* for all): This setting is similar to the previous setting, but it doesn't provision calls. Instead, it asks the device to subscribe to the presence state of the listed extensions. The system will forward the presence state of the phones, but the phones themselves will be responsible for generating the presence information.


  • Permissions to monitor this account: This setting allows the administrator to specify the accounts that a user is permitted to see the status of, including active calls. By default, all extensions are allowed to see the status of other extensions. A user can either list the extensions (e.g., 511, 518, 523, 522, 513) or use wildcards to match multiple extensions (e.g., 5*).

This feature not found in the Domain under Extension

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We are not completely clear what are you trying to achieve here? Are you unable to locate the "Permissions to monitor this account:" setting, then it is under Extension level. Also, can you provide us with your License code in a private message?

If you would go to the permissions tab on the extension level, then you can set all the permissions there as an Admin and let us know if it works after those changes.

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a current example, the boss doesn't want its calls from other extension to be pickup.

We have entered in the field under user or extension level "Permissions to monitor this account:" : 40

This should prevent the 40 from monitoring and pickup, this feature is not working for us Version 58.4

We can still monitor the extension and pickup the value is not saved

You can save the value, we are under the admin account in the extension level of the domain






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