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59.0 has been built

Vodia PBX

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We have built version 59.0 for all platforms (Windows 32/64, CentOS32/64, Debian32/64, mini 1/2/3/4, Apple MacOS and FreeBSD64). The release notes are to be found at https://vodia.com/doc/releasenotes590 as usual. 

The main topic for this release was to mature the new web interface. This includes form validation, but there were also problems with entering information and retrieving lists. There are also some new goodies like the ability to log TLS keys for Wireshark analysis and TrueCNAM support. We also have Deutsche Telekom trunking working in this release, which should be important to help with the ISDN transition in Germany. And we have added support for the new Cisco phones which can be seen as a major milestone on our interop list and help with the customers on boarding process. 

The build also contains a few improvements under the hood which should improve the performance of the PBX, especially when there are lots of calls in the history. In the next release we plan to work on a faster startup procedure, the Freshbooks V2 API, a rework of the emails and a unified buttons interface for all phone models. We decided to release 59 without those changes to speed up the release process and have a pretty stable version based on the new web interface.

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