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Yealink Provisioning Problem


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Hi, I've two vodia versions. one is 5.3.2 and other is 5.2.5. I've a Yealink Phone which I want to configure through RPS. On RPS I redirected MAC ID 001565A95ADR to server "http://173.238.56.xx" (5.3.2). MAC address is added to extension and account is open for mac based provisioning. Now when I reset the phone, after came back it perfectly configured the phone.

Now if I redirect the same MAC ID via RPS to server "http://173.239.88.xx" (5.2.5), it didn't get the configuration. Though If I redirect via RPS through this way "http://173.239.88.xx/prov/yealink-001565A95ADR.cfg" it get configuration. 

Please advise, I want the version 5.2.5 should work the same as 5.3.2 works.


Thank You

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Quick question, you are giving the credentials on the RPS and re-directing it to the PBX and not the other way? Did you try providing the credentials of the RPS server on this page of the PBX reg_pnp_settings.htm and then letting the RPS server find your phones?

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I was not entering any username or password on  reg_pnp_settings.htm. It is by default empty and it's like the same. It works with the same way on 5.3.2 version. But not working on 5.2.5. Now I tried to putt RPS credentials on reg_pnp_settings.htm but the same results.

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The RPS server doesn't send the registration more than once to the PBX, that the issue that we discovered with it. Please try to delete all your MAC address entries on the RPS , reset the phone and enter your details in the reg_pnp_settings.htm page and reboot the phone and please keep the logs on, on the Admin page. TFTP, webserver and webclient on level 9 on admin level logs.

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[7] 12:32:36.996    WEBC:    http: Return code 200
[8] 12:32:39.531    WEBS:    HTTP connection 602658
[5] 12:32:39.532    TFTP:    Loading file from UA Yealink SIP VP-T49G 00:15:65:A9:5A:CE from the tftp folder
[8] 12:32:39.738    WEBS:    HTTP connection 602658
[8] 12:32:39.738    WEBS:    Connection closed on HTTP
[6] 12:32:39.738    WEBS:    Delete HTTP connection 602658
[8] 12:32:39.949    WEBS:    HTTP connection 602659
[5] 12:32:39.949    TFTP:    Loading file 001565a95ace.cfg from UA Yealink SIP VP-T49G 00:15:65:A9:5A:CE from the tftp folder
[8] 12:32:40.152    WEBS:    HTTP connection 602659
[8] 12:32:40.152    WEBS:    Connection closed on HTTP
[6] 12:32:40.152    WEBS:    Delete HTTP connection 602659
[8] 12:32:40.364    WEBS:    HTTP connection 602660
[5] 12:32:40.364    TFTP:    Loading file y000000000051.cfg from UA Yealink SIP VP-T49G 00:15:65:A9:5A:CE from the tftp folder
[8] 12:32:40.566    WEBS:    HTTP connection 602660
[8] 12:32:40.566    WEBS:    Connection closed on HTTP
[6] 12:32:40.566    WEBS:    Delete HTTP connection 602660
[9] 12:32:41.068    WEBC:    http: Send request
POST /cdrcollect.php HTTP/1.1
Content-Length: 1950
SOAPAction: Trunk-CDR
Content-Type: text/xml
Accept-Language: en-us
User-Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; PBX)

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