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No missed calls notifications for Hunt Group calls


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According to changes in version 5.3.1. , it is possible to trigger the alert for missed calls that end up in a hunt group.

Our customer uses a hunt group in which there are six extensions, on which group calls are routed. This group has four stages, of which the first three are the above extensions (25 seconds each) and the last one is a voicemail.

The option to have an email alert is active in the first three steps as well as the corresponding e-mail address.

The problem is that it does not receive emails for missed calls. We tried to use different addresses (various e-mail addresses) and we did not received any of them.

Our setup is in version 57.0 (Debian64)




Please advise us.

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There is a difference between a missed call on the phone and a missed call email. 

The problem is that when the PBX sends the CANCEL to a phone, it needs to tell that phone if that was a missed call or not. So the phone might see a missed call, even though the call might move to the next stage and eventually got picked up. That is why we added the check mark behind the duration field. When checked, devices that are not on the next stage get the missed call notification header when the PBX sends out the CANCEL.

When the call hits the final stage, this is considered a missed call and this triggers the email. Even though the call actually might hit another account that actually does something with the call, the fact that it hits that stage triggers the event.

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