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Cisco 8851

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There is no redirection server for those phones, so you will have to get into the web interface and set up the "Profile Rule".  Then make sure that you open the MAC in the PBX web interface for provisioning (pairing), and then the phone should fetch the settings. 59.2 will come with some major updates mainly for the buttons; however for WAN setup prodecure will not change.

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the web interface of the phone only displays data, you can't change it here.

Profile rule is the pnp_cisco. xml, which entries are to be changed?

In the phone I set the TFTP server to the IP of the hosted Vodia and set the MAC and open for provising in the Vodia, unfortunately without success.

How do I get Cisco to the Vodia?



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You need to make sure that this is a 3PCC phone. There is a big difference between the 8851-K9 and the 8851-3PCC-K9, these phones share the same plastic but run entirely different firmware versions. I believe it is not possible to re-program a 8851-K9 to become a 8851-3PCC-K9.

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