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11 hours ago, Vodia PBX said:

It does not at all. This happens in the browser.

I understand that the web server on the PBX will send the browser a  redirect to HTTPS.

The concern is that the phones are requesting their configuration from the PBX using HTTP.  I was not sure if turning the PBX feature to redirect HTTP to HTTPS would cause the phones config request to fail. 

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The phone provisioning is unrelated to that setting. Right now the provisioning of the phones hardcodes the phone type when it comes to HTTP or HTTPS. The main problem is that many PBX don't have a valid certificate and phones cannot validate them because they are on a private IP address and don't have a DNS record. We might introduce a flag that tells the PBX provisioning backend if it should assume that there is a valid certificate and it can safely use HTTPS to provision phones.

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